Caroline Nhlane


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  • Vodacom Bulls Babes

Name and Surname:      Kene Caroline Nhlane


Age and Place of Birth: 26, Born in Polokwane… Victor Matfields hometown ;)


Years with Bulls Babes: This is my 4th year


Study/ Work:                     Studying to be a FITNESS BEAST and Work for SuperSport


Nickname:     Christmas Carol, Carol, Kene, C,  some people even call me ‘Your Majesty’.. or Her Royal Highness if you don’t wish to be too formal


Dance background:        

Been dancing since I was an 11 year old babe (late bloomer much), mostly hip-hop and dabbled in a little bit of Latin in my later years. Was part of a Hip-Hop Crew for about 6 years and went on to assist teaching hip-hop at a studio in Pretoria. I’ve also been part of a Burlesque show girl group. I’ve also tried my hand at Contemporary dance (albeit it super briefly) and also learnt a heap load from attending Mrs Brosnihans open class where whatever skill you have will certainly get pushed to the max!


Social Media:                     Twitter:  @kerolinthelane IG: kerolinthelane