QnA: Ismaiel on being an expecting father

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The Ismaiel family grew by one on 22 August with the birth of incumbent Vodacom Blue Bulls wing Travis Ismaiel’s second child, Connor Travis Ismaiel.

Your favourite Vodacom Blue Bulls players not only put their bodies on the line week in and week out on the field but fulfill roles off the field like being a son, brother, cousin, nephew and father.

We asked Travis a series of questions about being an expecting father.

DL: Describe the feeling of finding out that you and your wife were expecting your second child?
TI: My wife and I were very excited when we found out we were having another child as it was always our plan to have more children.

DL: As an expecting father, what are the fears that you had to deal with?
TI: As an expecting father, I was very worried about not being a good father and I was constantly thinking about how I would raise my boy and what type of man I would want him to be one day. I want to be a great example to him. And then of course, there are also the worries of an extra mouth to feed and another little person who is completely dependent on me, ‘Am I ready for that?’ I would ask myself.

DL: Describe a special memory during the pregnancy?
TI: A special memory would have to be the first time I actually saw him moving in his mother’s tummy.

DL: Welcoming a new sibling can be difficult for some children, how did your daughter, Kiara, take the news that she was going to be a big sister?
TI: Kiara was actually, believe it or not, very excited when she found out she is going to be a big sister. Even today, now that he is born, she is very protective over him and just wants to hold him all the time.

DL: Is there any special significance of your son’s name?
TI: No, there is no real significance to his name. His mother just really liked the name and really wanted to name him Connor.

DL: Describe the feeling of holding your son for the first time?
TI: I just remember feeling very HAPPY, CONTENT and PROUD. There is no place I would rather have been in that moment, it was just PERFECT.

DL: Mothers are vital in caring of children, any special words for your wife?
TI: Yes, I believe mothers are the most important thing when it comes to family, especialy for the children. I just want to thank my wife, Zaylin, for everything she does for the kids and me. I know it is not always easy although she always make it look so easy [laughs]. Thank you for all the sacrifices you make for us and always putting us first. You are truly the heartbeat of this family, without you there will be nothing but with you there is an abundance of life. Keep smiling my love and we will always be smiling with you. I LOVE YOU!

DL: What are your dreams for Connor?
TI: To grow into a healthy God serving young man.

By Dan Lombard


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