The Vodacom Bulls and Vodacom Blue Bulls as they are known as today have their beginnings in a decision that was made in 1938 as the Northern Transvaal Rugby Union opted to breakaway from the Transvaal Rugby Union with the sole purpose of establishing themselves as a competitive rugby union in South Africa.

The Barberton Daisy was adopted as the NTRU’s emblem while light blue was the colour that would become synonymous with success. The union experienced their first taste of success eight years later when the NTRU lifted the Currie Cup for the first time in 1946. The Vodacom Blue Bulls have since gone onto winning the Currie Cup on 23 occasions.

A decision was made at the beginning of the 1998 season to change the proud union’s name to the Blue Bulls in domestic competitions and the Bulls in Super Rugby.

The Vodacom Bulls have been the most successful South African franchise in Vodacom Super Rugby as they have appeared in three victorious finals since the tournament’s inception in 1996.