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03 May 2012

Multiple bets are bets on combinations of markets, selections or outcomes. Combining selections into multiple bets allows you to dramatically increase your potential payout. These are some of the most exciting bets you can make. Some bettors use a multiple to find 5 or 6 selections that have relatively short odds to create a single bet that offers the bettor a decent return. Others simply love to have the potential of a big payout on a small bet.

On our bet card we try and assist you by letting you know how many bets you are placing per multiple with the number of bets in (#). E.g. Heinrich (31) means that you are placing 31 bets at your bet stake. We also assist you by taking your bet stake and multiplying it to the number of bets to give you a “total stake”. We then let you know the potential “max payout” should every selection win.

Let’s start from the top:

- A double is a combination of two selections, with the payout from the first selection staked on the second market. Both selections must win for the whole bet to win.
- A treble is a combination of three selections, with the payout from the first selection staked on the second selection and the payout from the second selection staked on the third selection. All 3 selections must win for the whole bet to win.
- Fourfold Accumulator consists of 1 bet involving 4 selections in different events.
- Fivefold and so on.
- An accumulator is typically given as a general term which consists of 1 bet involving 4 or more selections.

For 3 (A, B, C) selections there are 3 main types of Multiple bets:

- Treble – As described above
- Trixie – Every Double (AB, BC, AC) & the Treble(ABC) = 4 bets
- Patent – Every single (A, B, C) all Doubles (AB, BC, AC) and the Treble (ABC) = 7 bets
- There are also 3 doubles that we offer you as well.

The Treble allows you the highest returns for the least amount of money but is the highest risk. The Trixie & the Patent require more bets, but spread your risk.

The math for the payouts for multiples is simply the percentages of the selection occurring multiplied. Take the following treble example: (We discussed the relationship between odds and probability in an earlier article)

- Team A – 1/1 (50% probability)
- Team B – 2/1 (33% probability)
- Over 2.5 goals – 1/2 (66% probability)
50% * 33% * 66% = 11% probability which equates to 8/1

So a R10 bet on this above treble will give you a Payout of R80 + your R10 wager = R90. Simply do this for every bet in a multiple or our system does it for you. To get started go to

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