Oasis backs Bulls
08 July 2010

The Vodacom Bulls have concluded a historic sponsorship deal with Oasis Group Holdings, the first time a black-owned company has invested in the Bulls brand.

The two companies on Saturday announced an exciting partnership that is groundbreaking in South African rugby. Oasis Group Holdings, a Cape Town-based asset management firm, have joined forces with the Vodacom Bulls and Vodacom Blue Bulls as secondary sponsors for the next four years.

Blue Bulls Company CEO Stephan Pretorius expressed his delight at the recently concluded deal. "This is a watershed in the history of the Vodacom Blue Bulls and Vodacom Bulls. We are truly making history and it is a very exciting step for both ourselves and Oasis."

Oasis Group Holdings are not new players on the rugby paddock, having inherited the naming rights of successful Cape club side Schotsche-Kloof Walmers at the beginning of 2005.

"The fact that Oasis have been involved in club rugby is a testament to their commitment to genuinely growing the game for all South Africans," Pretorius continued. "It is also an indication how fluid South African rugby has become that a Cape-based company has sought a partnership with the Bulls. It is a welcome move and indicative of how provincialism is no longer a scourge of the modern game."

Oasis Group Holdings CEO Adam Ebrahim spoke of his satisfaction at the conclusion of successful negotiations.

"The Blue Bulls and Bulls brands are unquestionably the premier rugby brands in this country, reflective of the outstanding administration and on-field success of the union. We are proud to have the Oasis brand on the famous blue jersey, as in many ways it represents all we stand for as a company," Ebrahim enthused.

"Both on and off the field, the Vodacom Bulls and Vodacom Blue Bulls are an embodiment of the integrity, ambition and ultimately success that we as Oasis identify very strongly with. The deal is pioneering for South African rugby, and we are thrilled to be a party to it."


Johannesburg 15th March 2010 –Oasis Group Holdings today officially launched the first South Africa Shari’ah compliant insurance product. Although the global investment fund manager provides products for conventional investors, it has 13 year history as an innovator with regard to Muslim investor appropriate products.

Having already pioneered the first South African Islamic Equity Mutual Fund, the first listed Islamic Direct Property Fund and the first Global Islamic Property Equity Fund in the world, Oasis now turns its attention to investment linked insurance products and has created the Oasis Crescent Wealth Insurance Company to fulfil this purpose.

“We wanted to provide a product range to current and potential investors that would cater for all their investment and savings requirements from the cradle to the grave. With the introduction of the endowment policies, pension annuities and pooled policies to the stable we will be able to do just that,” explains Adam Ebrahim CEO of Oasis Group.

The two new product ranges, will cater for both Muslim and conventional investors and will offer its customer choice of portfolios. Member choice for both institutional and retail investors will cover all three phases of the typical investor life cycle. These include New Moon for progressive investors with a high equity portfolio, Half Moon for moderate investors with a medium equity appetite and Full Moon with a Low Equity portfolio for investors seeking a more stable investment approach.

Further developments at Oasis include the introduction of performance based fees. Although new and existing clients will have the option of sticking to the current fixed fee costs structure, they will be given the option to benefit from the performance based fees which have zero upfront costs.

“Over the past decade and a half, the successful revival of Islamic Finance and the development of innovative Shari’ah compliant investment products within the various financial environments has allowed for many South Africans who previously been excluded from the formal financial system because their faith and ethical requirements, to fully participate in the market, ” say Ebrahim. He adds, ”The creation of investment linked insurance products that are complaint with Muslim investment principles will go one step further in ensuring that all people in South Africa have the ability to save and invest for their future.”

Oasis new insurance range comes in the wake of new draft amendments to the Pension Fund Act’s Regulation 28 and Collective Investment Schemes Act Notice 1503 that aim to include Islamic products into the South African regulation framework. South Africa is the the first country in Africa to create definitions for Islamic products and thus include these instruments into the mainstream market.


Cape Town 12th May 2010 –Oasis continued to affirm its commitment to local sports development today by sponsoring a local township rugby club Lagunya which represents rugby players from the townships of Langa, Gugulethu and Nyanga in Cape Town.

In what as seen as a significant contribution to the club Oasis has provided the club with a brand new kits for the team that include shorts, tracksuits, rugby jerseys and tog bags as well several pieces of gym equipment for training. The Club recently approached Oasis for sponsorship after it lost the small funding it was receiving from the City of Cape Town and had some difficulty making ends meet. Currently the club has no real sustainable income to provide for the Club’s financial needs. The donations made by Oasis represent a sponsorship in excess of R100 000.

As the only black owned and managed company, Oasis Group believes in supporting previously disadvantaged communities to ensure that people from these communities also have an opportunity to participate in national sports.

Several members of the club have represented the Western Province and even National side. Lagunya has both female and male teams in the club. One of the female rugby players of the club, Dinah has been selected for the South African National team and represents the future of the sport.

“Oasis is a great supporter of South African rugby at both the developmental and professional levels. We want to nurture the future Springboks and Blue Bulls of tomorrow, while also supporting the growth of professional rugby in South Africa,” explains Deputy Chairman Nazeem Ebrahim.

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