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Vodacom Bulls extend helping hand to Limpopo residents
10 December 2010

The Vodacom Bulls continuous community drive saw them recently donate 80 hippo rollers to the Phalakwane village outside Polokwane.

These converted devices make carrying water more easily and efficiently than traditional methods. It consists of a barrel-shaped container which holds 90 litres of water and can roll along the ground, and a handle attached to the axis of the barrel.

Currently deployed in rural Africa, it’s simple and purpose-built nature helps people to collect approximately five times the normal amount of water in much less time and with far less effort, transforming water collection from a daily chore to an easier task performed only a few times a week.

The Bulls, in conjunction with South African Breweries who opened a borehole, has now made the life of residents in Phalakwane so much easier.

Before this, residents used to carry water with a bucket from a borehole kilometre away, but as from Friday, the residents will use the hippo rollers from a much shorter distance.

Connie Mathabatha was one of the 80 lucky disadvantaged residents to receive the hippo rollers. She was delighted.

“I’m very happy because I’m no longer going to use my head to fetch water,” she said.

“It was difficult to carry water with my head as we used to fetch water by little tins. But now it’s a welcome reprieve and we want to thank the Bulls for what they have done to us.”

Blue Bulls CEO Barend van Graan said this is the first of many projects they have planned for disadvantaged communities and shared his excitement for helping the Phalakwane community.

“I think is a big day for the Blue Bulls being able to contribute to the welfare of the Phalakwane community. I hope this will help them for many years to come,” he said.

“We are always looking at ways to help our communities, with rugby development being our core business. We have divided the Limpopo and Northern Gauteng regions into clusters and we manage rugby and its development with those communities,” Van Graan said.

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