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Spirits high in Vodacom Bulls camp after win in Perth

All is going well in the Vodacom Bulls camp after they kicked off their tour with a win in Perth, writes team doctor Org Strauss in his tour update…

Hi there everybody,

It is very nice to write this update when you’ve won, and certainly helps when you are far away from home.

Saturday really went well. With games starting as late as 19h00 or even later, it is always a challenge to keep the players busy or to pass time until the preparations for the match actually start.

Most of the players sleep till quite late and only get up around lunch time. It kills time and makes the day much shorter. It also helps to adjust to the new time zones.

Most of the players only showed their faces around 12h30 (lunch time) on Saturday.

After that, things went quickly and the preparations went without a hitch.

Every one of the management team has his duties on match day and all did that very well. The bus left for the stadium at 17h45 after all the strapping and the team talk was done.

In the change room before the game, final details are adhered to. The coach has a media interview and the captain do the toss.

The match went well and the good fight back in the second half created a very happy spirit in the change room after the game.

During the contiki, some members were given a lot of stick as the committee refused to do any favors to anyone!

Sunday was travel day to Auckland.

The team traveled in two batches. The management and four players left early in the morning for Sydney and connected to Auckland from there.

The remaining 21 players flew directly to Auckland later in the afternoon.

The time difference between Perth and Auckland is five hours and it will be very important this week to adapt to that.

All arrived safely in the ‘City of Sails’. We are staying in the Crowne Plaza in the inner city for the rest of the week.

Every one is looking forward to this week with its challenges and all are keen to try and break the bogey against the Blues on their home ground.

Cheers, Org.


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1. Soos die Bulle!
Posted by Jimmy (Altyd Blou) Monday, March 29, 2010 - 11:56
2. Dankie Org.

Wees verseker, ons is saam met julle in gees, elke tree van die pad.

Hou ons op hoogte.

Dalk moet ons 'n omgekeerde kommunikasie proses ook op die been bring, waar die spelers daagliks boodskappe kan lees van al die ondersteuners hier in Suid Afrika. Ons wil hulle laat besef dat hulle nie alleen en vergete is daar in die vreemde nie. Derduisende van ons stap die pad saam met julle.

Sterkte vir die week wat voorle. Julle maak ons baie trots.
Posted by Shannow Monday, March 29, 2010 - 11:59
3. Baie dankie vir die 'update' Org! Dit is so lekker om te hoor hoe dit met die manne gaan en wat hulle alles doen.

Baie sterkte vir die week se voorbereidings teen die Blues. Ons ondersteun julle 100%. Baie geluk ook met julle oorwinning daar anderkant.

Ek is altyd trots om 'n bul ondersteuner te wees maar julle maak ons al hoe meer trots.

Baie dankie vir al die harde werk en moeite wat julle insit.

Groete daar.
Posted by Rissiepit (Gonubie) Monday, March 29, 2010 - 13:06
4. Thanks for the update and good luck for Saturday!
Posted by DarrinH (Cape Town) Monday, March 29, 2010 - 13:48
5. Die geheelbeeld lyk so, die Bulls het uit n moontlike 30 punte 28 gekry, en net 4 uit n moontlike 30 afgestaan, dit wil gedoen wees.
Posted by Kaapse Blou Bul (Kaapstad) Monday, March 29, 2010 - 15:51
6. Doc,
Thanks for the information, beautiful city especially when looking from the north side and seeing all the anchored yachts. Know the hotel well.
A little history. In, I think, the Auckland Park ( it may even be Victoria Park ,not sure of the name any longer, there is a statue of Sir George Grey who was Governor of South Australia, NewZealand,the Cape Colony and then again New Zealand. Grey College Bloemfontein and Grey High Port Elizabeth were founded by him, Grey's Hospital Pietermaritzburg bears his name, Greytown KZN is also named after him and Lady Grey in the Eastern Cape is named after his wife.Thought the Bloem Old Grey's may find this interesting.
Posted by Thurlow (Pretoria) Monday, March 29, 2010 - 16:38
7. Doc 6. Just rembered park name is Albert Park not Auckland or Victoria Parks, sorry memory leaving me in the lurch.
Sir George Grey was also eleventh Premier of Australia.
Posted by Thurlow (Pretoria) Monday, March 29, 2010 - 16:44
8. Sterkte Bulle. Net 'n wen asb!
Posted by Johann Venter (Bethlehem) Tuesday, March 30, 2010 - 16:45
Happy birthday to:
8 April - Ettienne Botha (Oorlede)
8 April - Dirk de Vos
9 April - Tjaart Coetzee
9 April - Kerneels Erasmus
9 April - Charles Rossouw
9 April - Bennie van Huyssteen
10 April- Rudi Röhrs
11 April - Piet Kruger
11 April - Johan Schoeman
11 April - Senithemba Zweni