Carlton Cup Final - Preview

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The last round of games of the short Second Round of the Carlton Cup and Shield Competitions were affected by top players resting, games won by default and games ending earlier, so everybody wll be looking forward to this coming Saturday's finals in all the leagues, writes Johanna de Vos.

This include the Carlton Cup, Carlton Shield, First League and President’s League each with their own different categories 1st League, 2nd League, 3rd League, u.21 League, u.19 League.

The Carlton Cup Final will be the main attraction between UP-Tuks (2013 winners) and Pretoria Bobbies (2012 winners). Carlton Shield Final will be between Centurion (2014 Blue Bulls Community Cup representative) and Harlequins.

All the games will be played at Loftus Versfeld on the outer fields B, C and D adjoining Lynnwood Road. Entrance is free.

Last year’s Carlton Final result was: UP-Tuks 43 (22), Oostelike Eagles 14 (6).

The story of the origin of the Carlton Cup:
On a shelf, amongst the liquor bottles in a bar in Pretoria, stood a trophy as decoration. The bar was frequented by rugby players. This trophy baffled the players. One day they started asking questions.However the bar attendant did not know it’s origin – where it came from or what it was doing there.
The players then asked if they could have it as a trophy to play for.

The owner, Lezard, agreed – and the trophy was named after the bar “CARLTON”, and thus it was baptized as the Carlton Cup. This was about 1904.
In 1938 Northern Transvaal Rugby broke away from Transvaal Rugby Union and became a rugby entity on it’s own. Since then the clubs in Pretoia played for the Carlton Cup.
Police have won the Cup 32 times ( 27 wins, 5 draws) between 1939 –2012. UP-Tuks have won 23 times (19 wins, 3 draws) between 1960 – 2013.

Eindstryde Saterdag Carltonbeker en Carltonskild

B veld

13:00 Beker: o.21 Tuks-Jongspan - Centurion

15:00 Skild: 1ste Centurion - Harlequins

17:00 Beker: 1ste Tuks - Polisie

C veld

13:00 Skild: 2des: Harlequins - TUT

15:00 Beker: 2des:Tuks-Fezelas - Oostelike Eagles

17:00 Beker: o.19 Tuks - Naka Bulle

D veld

11:30 Skild: o.21: Harlequins - Naka Bulle

13:00 Beker: 3des: Naka Bulle - Centurion

15:00 Skild: 3des: Oostelike Eagles - Harlequins

17:00 Skild: o.19: Centurion - Harlequins

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Aug 09, 2014

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