ABSA Bank on Wheels

Absa Bank on Wheels will be at the various games held at Loftus. The Bank on Wheels (BOW) will allow all supporters access to the ATM machine available and the BOW will be situated on the B & C fields located to the south side of the stadium.

Bank on Wheel (BOW) – Product Offering

Absa has taken up the challenge to make banking more accessible and convenient to our customers by increasing our points of presence and expanding our footprint across South Africa. We are continuously developing alternative delivery mechanisms thereby offering less expensive and flexible channels to meet the needs of our customers.

It also offers a full range of banking services which is similar to any service offered at a branch. This will provide our customers with a new level of convenience and it is literally taking banking to the people. The vehicles include all banking functionalities, with non-cash counter areas and cash dispensing ATMs.

The Products offered by BOW are as follows:


Absa Mzansi Account

Product Benefits and Features:

· This is a card based account for 24 hour access to funds

· R10 minimum opening deposit but no monthly account balance is required

· Highest account balance allowed is R15 000

· Accounts with a balance of more than R15 000 will be automatically stopped

· Credit interested will be paid on balances held

· Excess account balances will be communicated to the customer via the ATM when they try to transact

· No monthly administrative fees

· Fees for replacement of lost, stolen or damaged debit cards will be charged

· One free deposit per month is allowed

· The customer is allowed 5 deposit and 5 withdrawal transactions per month, thereafter a premium fee will be payable

· NotifyMe and Cellphone Banking are allowed

Documents required for take-up:

· Green bar-coded ID document

Who will qualify for an Mzansi Account?

· Customers with an income of between R50 and R1 000 per month

· Customers who perform 5 or less transactions a month


Absa Flexi Account

Product Benefits and Features

· A minimum opening balance of R50 is required which must also remain as the minimum monthly balance

· Monthly statements are available on request at a fee

· Account may be used for debit orders, stop orders, third party payments, third party cheques

· Free funeral cover of R2 000 to account holders aged 18 – 65

· Free Value-Added services are available to Flexi Account holders and includes:

o Telephonic legal assistance

o Telephonic health advise

o Emergency medical evacuation

o Funeral support and assistance

o These services can be accessed by calling 08000 FLEXI / 35394

Documents required for take-up:

· Green bar-coded ID document

· Proof of residence

Who will qualify for an Absa Flexi Account?

· Customers with a regular monthly income between R1 000 and R2 000 per month

· Proof of income not required


Absa Mega U


Mega U from Absa is a transactional account specifically designed for youths under the age of 18. Mega U gives youths the financial freedom that comes with managing your own money. The account enables spending and saving (earn interest on the money in the account), gives great discounts at selected partners, and offers a choice of six debit card designs with which to transact at shops and ATM's.


Features and Benefits

· It is a card-based account with 24-hour access to funds.

· A minimum initial investment of R10.00 is required to activate the account.

· The Mega U account can be used anywhere, anytime to do just about anything. It is a card-based account and allows the customer to:

o Withdraw money anytime at ATM's nationwide.

o Check account balances and print mini statements.

o Make deposits anytime at selected ATM's nationwide.

o Transfer money between linked accounts

o Purchase at shops that accept Mega U (Visa and Maestro logo).

o Purchase airtime at anytime at ATM's nationwide.

o Be exempt from paying certain transactions charges if they maintain their balance above R6000,00.

o Pay accounts electronically.

o Arrange for debit orders.

o Do cellphone / internet or telephone banking.

o Arrange for parents to pay monthly allowances into the Mega U account, which is safer than carrying cash.

Additional Benefits:

Through Mega World and Mega U card, customer will get discounts with Mega U partners.

Current partner-discounts include:

o 5% off any Greyhound ticket

o 15% off any purchase ay Rythmic Beat

o 10% off any purchase at Boogaloos or entrance to their Skate Parks

A good tip to save on banking fees on an Absa Mega U account is if you can afford to maintain a balance of R6 000 in your account after transacting, you will be exempted from certain transaction charges.


Absa Club Account


Absa Club account is designed for groups of people i.e. Clubs (Stokvels, Burial Societies, etc) who require a simple and convenient savings and transactional vehicle offering savings growth without restrictions. It empowers discretionary savings behaviour and is an ideal savings option for clubs or groups of people wanting to save toward a common goal.


Features and Benefits

· No formal constitution is required.

· Minimum opening balance is R50.

· Minimum operating balance of R50.

· No monthly management fee payable.

· Deposit any time via electronic transfer, stop order or branch teller

· First deposit per month is free.

· Tiered interest rate, so the more you save the greater the returns.

· Interest is calculated daily and paid to the account monthly.

· Annual Bonus interest of 1% is payable on accounts active for 1 year or longer with a minimum balance R1000.

· Funds are immediately and easily available from any branch

· Free value adds:

o Free R2000 embedded Accidental death cover for any 10 nominated members.

o Free NotifyMe for 3 signatories.

o Free Welcome Pack, which include the following;

§ Tips to operate the Club Account cost efficiently.

§ Other Absa investment options suited to Clubs

§ Guidelines on the Constitution, convening meetings and other formalities.

§ How to start a business.



Flexi Funeral Plan

Product Benefits and Features

· The policy provides cover for individuals and immediate or extended family

· There are four base plans:

Main member only

Main member and spouse

Main member, spouse and children

Main member and children

· The following can be added to the base plan:

Memorial benefit for the main member and spouse – payable one year after death for purposes of putting up a tombstone

Cover for extended family e.g. parents, parents-in-law, siblings, uncles, aunts etc.

· Minimum entry age for main member and spouse is 16 years

· Maximum entry age for main member and spouse is 65 years

· Sum assured has three options R6,000, R10,000 and R20,000

· Guaranteed acceptance due to no underwriting i.e. no HIV test and no medical test required

· Accidental death cover will commence on receipt of the first premium

· Only the following exclusions will be allowed

Suicide excluded for the first two years

· Members are covered for as long as the premiums are paid

· Cover is permitted to a total of 8 extended family members

· Claims can be submitted at any Absa branch

· Children are covered up to the age of 18 but cover is extended to the age of 21 if they are full-time students at an educational institution or if they are mentally handicapped

· The maximum entry age for extended family is 75

· Waiting periods:

6 months for main member, spouse and children including extended family below the age of 65 for death due to natural causes

6 months for extended family above the age of 65 and below 75

No waiting periods for death due to unnatural causes


NotifyMe from Absa

It is the ideal tool to manage your accounts, no need to go to the branch, no need to logon, simply carry on with living life and we will notify you of what is happening on your accounts as and when the transactions take place.


This will allow you to always have the finger on the pulse of your banking activities as each message will contain the transaction that took place as well as what your balance is on your account, so no more uncertainty of if the pension, salary or cheque has been paid into your account, or if the cheque has gone of your account.


The accounts you can receive a notices for, are as follows:

· Cheque accounts

· Savings account (including Money Market and Notice Deposits)

· Credit Cards

You can choose to be notified of the following transactions:

· All

· Payments

· Purchases

· Withdrawal

· Transfers

· Returned Transactions

· Scheduled Transactions

· Deposits

· Balance Updates

· When you will be notified of transactions:

· To be notified of transactions which exceed an amount specified by you:

You can select a minimum amount that the transaction should exceed before we send you a message

· When you will be notified of transactions:

o 24 hours a day, between 6am and 10pm or 8am to 5pm

· The recipient/s of the notifications:

You can choose to send messages on your account to multiple recipients and each recipient can select to receive the messages in English or Afrikaans.

Our trained BOWs Sales Consultants can also assist you with other Absa Transactional, Absa Lending and Absa Investment Products. They will ensure that a qualified Sales Consultant calls you after submitting your details and make an appointment to see you and take care of your financial needs.

Absa offers the following transactional products over and above the products listed:

1. Absa FlexiSelect Current Account

2. Absa Silver Current Account

3. Absa Silver Package

4. Absa Gold Current Account

5. Absa Gold Package

6. Absa Gold Prosperity Account

7. Absa Platinum Current Account

8. Absa Platinum Package

Absa offers the following lending products:

1. Absa Micro Loans

2. Absa Personal Loans

3. Absa Credit Card

4. Absa Revolving Loans

5. Overdraft facility

6. Absa Home Loans

7. Absa Vehicle and Asset Finance

Absa offers the following investment products:

1. Absa MoneyBuilder

2. Absa Investment Advantage

3. Absa TargetSave

4. Bonus deposits

5. Call accounts

6. Fixed deposits

7. Notice deposits

For further information on pricing please refer to the Absa website www.absa.co.za.

Highlights of the Absa Currie Cup match between the MTN Golden Lions and Vodacom Blue Bulls from Coca-Cola Park, Johannesburg
14 Okt . Bennie Dercksen
15 Okt . Frans Allers
15 Okt . Danwel Demas
15 Okt . Wim Meyer
15 Okt . Thys Potgieter
16 Okt . Thando Manana
16 Okt . Bokkie Radloff
16 Okt . Chris van Tonder
17 Okt . Francois Roux
18 Okt . Cliffie Brown
18 Okt . Danny Claasen
18 Okt . Neels de Wijn
18 Okt . Dave Johnson
18 Okt . Wessel Roux
18 Okt . Doors van Rooyen
19 Okt . Schutte Bekker
19 Okt . Gerrit Mong (Oorlede)
19 Okt . Naas Steyn
19 Okt . Malherbe van Wyk
20 Okt . Antonie Claassen
20 Okt . Dries Pretorius (Oorlede)
21 Okt . Boesman du Toit
21 Okt . Pikkie Fourie
21 Okt . Louis Strydom
22 Okt . Jannie Brooks
18 Okt . André Rossouw