Loftus Co-ordinates:
* GPS Latitude: 25º 45' 0" S
* GPS Longitude: 28º 11' 59" E


Where can I purchase tickets?

Loftus’ ticket office (012 420 0700) is open on weekdays from 8:00 – 16:00 and on match days from 8:00 onwards at the BLUE containers situated at the Lynnwood entrance and at Kirkness street. You can also purchase tickets from our online ticket system bulls.ticketpros.co.za/.

Note: Extended Ticket Office hours from Wednesday, 25th January to Friday 23rd February will be: (Office Hours: 8h00 to 18h00)

Can I use a credit/debit card for purchasing tickets?

On match days tickets sales are cash only, but during the week you are welcome to use your credit/debit card.

Are the season tickets valid for the soccer matches?


What are the prices for a Super Rugby match?

2012 Super Rugby prices range from R50.00 to R130.00 and Scholars (South behind the poles) – R10

Is there an ATM nearby?

Yes, there is mobile Absa ATM at the D-field during match days. There is also an ATM at Trademarx Restaurant (opposite the B-field) as well as at the Eastwood Shopping Centre which is three blocks from the stadium.

Can I sit my child on my lap and not purchase a ticket for them?

No. Every human being entering the stadium must have a ticket.

Do you have booster cushions for children?



What is the difference between the Main Pavilion and the East Pavilion?

The upper section of the Main Pavilion is under roof which will keep you dry in wet weather. The lower section of the Main Pavilion is not under roof. Spectators sitting on the East Pavilion will be in the sun and not protected from rainy weather. The new roof on the East Pavilion will not protect you from the sun and the rain – its main goal is to accommodate the flood lights and the sound system.

What is the difference between the upper en lower section of the pavilion?

The lower section is closer to the action, whilst you have a better view from the upper section. Where the best place to sit is, depends on the individual’s preference.

Can I use a credit/debit card for purchasing drinks/sweets etc inside the stadium?

No, it is cash only inside the stadium.

Where can we get a layout of the stadium?

On the Bulls’ website, www.thebulls.co.za Go to “Fanzone”, then “The Stadium” then “Stadium Layout”.

What are we allowed to bring into the stadium?

You are allowed to bring in food and drinks, but tins, bottles, glasses, hard cool bags, alcohol, fire arms, horns and fire crackers are not allowed.

Am I allowed to bring my camera into the stadium?

Digital cameras are allowed, but tripods, wide angle lenses or video cameras aren’t.

Where is the disabled parking?

It is behind the North pavilion and it can be booked at Loftus’ Ticket Office. The disabled parking is for handicapped vehicles only.

Where is the wheelchair seating?

It is in the North West corner of the stadium. In order to use these facilities you need to make a booking at Loftus’ Ticket Office. Entrance is through Gate 1 and the disabled toilets are close by. There is also a Suite available that can be pre booked through the suite office.

Where can we drop off disabled friends?

Mobility challenged People Drop-Off’s @ Park and Farendan Street. There is a mini-bus available which will pick people up and drop them off at gate 3. You can also arrange this at Loftus’ Ticket Office.

Are we allowed to make special announcements (birthday wishes, engagements, wedding proposals etc) during the half time break?

No, the time belongs to the sponsors.

Where is the bus parking?

Please note that ALL busses have two options to park on match day. That is – in Bond Street – in front of Meisies Hoër and the other is in Lynnwood road – in front of Affies. No prior arrangement necessary.

What are the closing times for caterers?

30 minutes before the gates open.

At what time do the gates open on match days?

30 minutes before the first curtain raiser.

Where can I find the Blue Bulls’ fixtures?

On the website www.thebulls.co.za. Go to “All Rugby” then “Vodacom Super Rugby” then “Fixtures”.

Where can I find Loftus Versfeld fixtures?

On the website www.thebulls.co.za go to “Loftus Versfeld”, then “The Stadium” and then “Fixtures”

Is there any parking for sale for 2012?

Yes, contact Loftus’ Ticket Office - 012 420 0700. Day parking for 2012 @ R100.00 per parking. You can also purchase parking from our online ticket system bulls.ticketpros.co.za/.

Are there any beer tents available?

Yes, on the D-field following most of the Super Rugby matches.

Highlights of the ABSA Currie Cup match between Western Province and Blue Bulls from Newlands, Cape Town
8 Aug Ivann Espag
8 Aug George Hitchcock
8 Aug Jan van Zyl
9 Aug Theuns Botha
9 Aug Johnny Lourens
9 Aug Joseph Ntshongwana
9 Aug Henry Pedro
10 Aug Stefan Basson
10 Aug Gerbrand Grobler (Oorlede)
10 Aug Edrich Krantz
10 Aug Hlombi Makuluma
11 Aug Coenraad Groenewald