Caroline Nhlane

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  • Vodacom Bulls Babes

Name and Surname :
Keneilwe Caroline Nhlane

Age and Birthplace:
24 years and 11 months , Pietersburg

Years as a Bulls Babe :
2 years and 2 months.. Happy Anniversary to Me :)

Dance Background :
HipHop and a little bit of ballroom :) recently begun mastering the art of twerking

Current Occupation:
Financial Administrator for a diversified construction company in Pretoria

Christmas to some, C (as in Sea) to others and the rest just call me Your Highness (ok, they don't but they really should)

Favourite Quote:
"In Everything Give Thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ, for you" - Apostle Paul of the New Testament

Best Experience Ever:
my life has been and continues to be a serious of "best experiences", I may need to prepare a Memoirs to share it all... Lets hold that thought.

Twitter Handle: @kerolinthelane .... Halla at ya girl!

Favourite Player of All Time:
.. All time being right now ... I'd say, Digby Ione .. He's hot and has a cool name! (Allow me)

Role Model :
(cheesy but True) my mother; she's always gracious, so kind, thoughtful, selfless, smart, a hardworker, tough and such a quality woman. Plus she's quite stylish so that helps as well :)

If I could be ANYTHING.. I'd probably want to be part of the monarchy of the United Kingdom... Who wouldn't want to be??

Crossfit! Talking about Crossfit, thinking about Crossfit and judging people who don't Crossfit :) ..ok that last part isn't entirely true.

....That and being with friends, preferably over a good meal. Much fun.

"One day I will be remembered for Who I am and not only What I did :)"