Kirsten Francis

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  • Vodacom Bulls Babes

Name and Surname:
Kirsten Francis
Age : 22

Place of birth:
Kimberley, Northern Cape

Years as a Bulls Babe:
4 years

Dance Background:
Hip hop and currently Latin American and Ballroom

Current Occupation & area of study:
Partner and director of Serendipity Events and gifts. Currently studying Fashion Design.

Kir or Kirst

Favourite Quote:
Don't wait for the storm to pass, Dance in the Rain.

Best experience ever:
Our Bulls Babes weekend away to African Explorer Lodge

Twitter account: @Kir_Claire

Favourite Player of all time:
Warren Brosnihan

Role Model:
Everyone who has an influence in my life is an inspiration, I don't have a specific role model.

If you could be anything, what would be any why?
An Inventor of something useful,because if it make a difference ia people's lives, then I've done something worthwhile.

Hobbies other than being a babe:
Reading, dancing, go-karting and being with Family and friends.

Craziest thing I've ever done:
Bungee jumping

One day I...
One day I would like to be a successful business owner and fashion designer. I would also like to have done more charity work to make a difference in the lives those who have nothing.
Kirsten Francis