Monika du Plooy


 Name and Surname: Monika Estelle du Plooy.


Age and Place of birth: 20 and Born and Bred in Pretoria.


Birthday: 11 August 1994.


Number of years with the Vodacom Blue Bulls Babes: 2015 is my Third year.



1. I am a student with IMM GSM. I'm studying my BBA Degree in Marketing Management. 

2. I am also doing my SADTA Modern Teachers this year.

3. I am also Teaching part time at 5678 Dance Academy.

4. I am also preparing to start my RAD Teachers in 2016.


Nickname: Mimii ( yes, M i m i i ) :D


Dance Background:

I started dancing at the age of 3. 

·         I am ballet trained. I finished my advanced two examination in the year 2011, with distinction.

·         I have my ARAD credentials

·         I competed annually in The Preforming Arts Eistedfod in all my dance styles.(Ballet, Modern dancing and Hip-hop)

·         I am modern-dancing trained and completed all my examinations up until grade 8.

·         I am Hip-hop trained.


I also competed annually at Sun City in the Battle of the Giants competition in Modern dancing and Hip-hop dance styles.

·         I had the opportunities to qualify and compete internationally in Austria(2005), New York (2007) and Germany(2004, 2011 & 2013).

·         I received a 27th place in Austia for Hip-hop solo(2005), 

 2nd place in modern-dancing, category winner and awarded special award in Ballet solo,

 27th place in jazz solo in New York(2007) ,

 5th place  in showdance Riesa, Germany (2004),

the title of World Champions(1st ) in Showdance in Riesa, Germany (2011) 

 3rd place in showdance in Riesa Germany(2013).