Sotira Petrou


Name and surname: Sotira Petrou


Age and place of birth: 24, Benoni Gauteng


No of years with the Vodacom Bulls Babes: 3 amazing years


Study/work: Currently doing a bit of both completing my BCom. Honours Marketing

Management Degree at Tuks and working as a Market Research Executive


Nickname: Sots


Dance background:

Over 18 years of dance training in RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Ballet, Contemporary and Hip-Hop, and hours of practice, has led me to the ultimate opportunity in becoming a dancer for the Vodacom Blue Bulls rugby team as a Vodacom Bulls Babes. In being a part of such a prestigious team and group of dancers; I have learnt humility, self-discipline and the true importance of commitment to a team. The opportunities are endless – being able to dance on stage with talents such as Lloyd Cele, A.K.A. Jay and Liquid Deep - as well as being able to be a part of NB Dance Company is a dream come true!


Social media:

Twitter: @Sotira_Petrou

Instagram: Sotira010




Social Media:                                  Instagram and twitter handle - @Kirsten_Claire