Vacancies - Strength and Conditioning Coach

 Strength and Conditioning Coach


 Job Title:        Strength and Conditioning Coach

Division:        Coaching Department

Location:        Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria

Reports to:     Head Coach, Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach and High Performance Manager, Blue Bulls Company

1.                        Job Purpose

The Strength and Conditioning Coach will in consultation with senior S&C coaches, as well as the Head Coach be responsible for the conditioning and per iodization plan for the season, the testing, monitoring and Implementation of BB Co strength and conditioning principles

2.            Responsibilities

2.1       Design conditioning program, per iodization based on the specific competition structure and needs for the respective teams

2.2       Position specific benchmark targets set for strength, speed, power and endurance.

2.3       Personal and position specific training program, target to improve every player

2.4       Keep an up to date database of the players’ strength and conditioning profiles and provide them with regular feedback.

2.5       Improve recovery after training and matches, assisting in recuperation and decreasing injuries

2.6       Decrease incidences of injuries through correct training methods and recovery strategies

2.7       Improve player knowledge of nutrition and supplementation

2.8       Assist with the rehabilitation of players

2.9       To keep a record of all pertinent data of players condition and progress strength & weaknesses’ (Screening & Testing data)

2.10     Provide an efficient field side service for coaching team during games

2.10     Travel with teams if instructed/applicable

2.11     Pre-match routine for warm-up session

2.12     Assist manager with pre-match preparations i.e water, energade, sandwiches, muffins, biltong etc

2.13     Assist manager with post-match recovery protocols

2.14     Assistance with Blue Bulls High Performance squads

2.15     Assistance with contracted Blue Bulls promising schoolboys

 2.14    Yearly testing and screening of prospective Blue Bulls contracted players

2.15     Management of facility & equipment ito the set-up, inspection and maintenance

 3.            Administration

3.1       Individual player reports regularly for all contracted players

3.2       Effective organization and administration of conditioning department

3.3       Attending all management, coaches and staff meetings if time permits, note that trainers main responsibility is with the team and the conditioning of the players

3.4       Undertake other reasonable duties as requested from time to time

3.5       Availability to assist Blue Bulls HP program from time to time

4.            Person Specification  

Minimum Requirements

-       Be Qualified (e.g. accredited Biokinetic degree; Sport science degree; CSCS;   Athlete Performance mentorship level 1 First Aid) 

-       BOKSSMART accreditation every two years

-       Min 5 years working as a SC coach in rugby

Previous Experience

-       Recommendation Experience

  • Coach at a  provincial level
  • Previous involvement in HP programs


Key Skills

-       Ability to Teach and Train athletes 

-       Excellent People skills

-       Excellent Communication skills

-       Sound Scientific Foundation knowledge of the sport – (Specialist)  

-       Excellent work Ethic (No Clock)

-       Similar Philosophies

-       Computer Literate (Word, Excel, Power Point)


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If you wish to apply, please complete the company application form and submit with your CV to by close of business Thursday, 18 August 2016.

 This Duty Sheet may be amended from time to time if and when the designation and assignment of the Employee is changed / amended by the Employer