Vacancies - Physiotherapist


1. Job Purpose
1. The implementation of a research based program through which the following is achieved:
o Rugby and other injuries of rugby players should be treated as effective as possible;
o Treatment and rehabilitation of injured players during and after training and matches;
o Players should be evaluated regularly with regards to injuries and prevention there off, to evaluate improvement or weakening of the players physiological/biomechanical well being;
o Should be able to do rehabilitation and treatment of sports injuries in close conjunction with the team doctor, conditioning specialists, massage therapist and coaches;
o Be part of the return to play strategy of an injured player together with all the other role players.

2. Responsibilities and code of conduct
2.1 The implementation and continuation of a daily treatment and rehabilitation plan for every injured player of the team.

2.2 Weekly injury reporting on all aspects of treatment, rehabilitation and progress to the team doctor during the weekly medical t eam meeting on a Monday. This can be done verbally or in written format.

2.3 Familiarise yourself and adhere to the Blue Bulls Company Code of Conduct.

2.4 Tour and game planning for as far as it is the responsibility of the physiotherapist. Players forming part of the team will get written instruction on a weekly basis on their responsibilities towards medical bags forming part of luggage etc. Sufficient medical equipment like plaster, physio beds, cryo cuff, ice bags, gause etc should be taken along for effective treatment and handling of injuries.

2.5 Continuous attending of courses and reading of articles to stay in touch with changing injury treating trends etc is compulsory. This will improve treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. Dr Herman Rossouw will monitor this. You have to hand in an annual report on the 30th of November to Dr Herman Rossouw, with the necessary CPD points meeting the minimum requirements of the Physiotherapy board.

2.6 We expect of you to be available to do soft tissue treatment on every player as requested by the Head Coach, HP Manager and Head of Department. Rehabilitation modalities can never replace basic physiotherapy treatment, but forms part of the whole treatment process.

2.7 Working hours (40 hours / week or as stipulated by employer agreement) are defined as hours during which the team trains and hours when injured players should be treated as requested by the Head Coach, HP Manager and Head of Department.

2.8 Players should have easy access to your diary to make appointments that suite themselves and in time slots that don’t clash with team activities. Diaries should be placed on designated areas in the physio room for easy access. Players that don’t attend appointments made should be reported immediately to the team doctor and High Performance Manager. Players willhave to make bookings on the whiteboard put up in the physio rooms,it is the sole responsibility of the physio to also make consultation notes of the appointment, hand it to Heidi and also upload it on to Smartabase

2.9 No physio is allowed to refer any player to another physio without the knowledge of the team doctor.

2.10 No physio is allowed to refer a player for any special examinations or for a specialist opinion or to another doctor. The physio only reports to the team doctor. The team doctor will handle any referrals.

2.11 You are allowed to implement alternative treating modalities as long as you involve the rest of the treating medical team and have the verbal consent of the player.

2.12 You are employed full time by the Blue Bulls Company and additional work should be done after working hours.

2.13 Medical well being and needs of players should always be put first and this should be managed as far as possible during normal working hours.

2.14 Players should be seen for as long as required to ensure they are sufficiently treated and taken care off, spend enough time on players

2.15 All excuses and special leave should be arranged through the team doctor with the relevant Head Coach and HP Manager.

2.16 Functioning of the physio rooms must coincide as set out in the operational protocol.

2.17 All medical complaints should be made to Dr Herman Rossouw. He will discuss the matter if necessary with the Head Coach and HP Manager.

2.18 All strapping for training sessions, except when the area is congested, should be done in the designated strapping area next to the swimming pool.

2.19 There should always be at least one physio working during periods when the team is on leave. You are entitled to at least one week break after each competition and annual leave as stipulated in your employment contract. Leave should be organized in advance through Dr Herman Rossouw with the relevant Head Coach and HP Manager.

2.20 Punctuality during team sessions and physio appointments are essential.

2.21 While working for the Blue Bulls Company your work, conduct and treatment should always meet the minimum requirements of the HPCSA/South African Society of Physiotherapists,

2.22 New treatment and rehabilitation modalities must be discussed and accepted by the treating medical team before it is implemented. In case of the modality working it should be discussed at the monthly medical meeting where the whole medical team is present before the entire medical team can use it.

2.23 You are expected to massage players before and after games if there is a need for it.

2.24 Standard protocol guidelines should be met as far as possible while treating players.

2.25 A monthly medical meeting will be held where the whole medical team, HP Manager and/or Head Coach will be present. All work related meetings to be attended as requested.

3. Administration
3.1 Daily consultation notes on treatment of players for own records
3.2 Keeping injury stats on all players
3.3 Weekly injury reporting and stats to team doctor
3.4 Detailed injury reports on all players at the end of the respective competitions to the head coach, team manager and HP manager
3.5 Detailed record keeping of all relevant information and log info onto Smartabase
3.6 Record and file keeping of all contact sessions
3.7 Capture all contact sessions on the appointment sheet/information sheet/consultation sheet. Hand the sheet to Heidi to file in players file.
3.8 Appointments made on the whiteboard

4. Person Specification
Minimum Requirements
- Tertiary Physiotherapy degree
- Special interest in sports injuries

Previous Experience
- Recommendation Experience
• Sound Knowledge of Rugby
• Previous involvement with rugby teams

Key Skills
- Excellent People skills
- Excellent work Ethic (No Clock)
- Positive attitude towards problems

5. Measure
Less soft tissue strains and sprains through improved screening programs and the implementation of programs to address risk factors identified
1. Appropriate, timely and effective post-injury management
2. Effective player treatment and injury records
3. High level of coach, doctor and player confidence in physiotherapy provided
4. Effective use of specialist referrals/outsourcing (hospitalization, chiropractor, etc)
5. Effective stock control and budgeting of consumables and equipment
6. Strengths/weaknesses in portfolio
7. Recommendations for improvement of effectiveness/performance
8. Assist Team Doctor with pre-match routine, i.e. strapping, massaging, stretching ext.
9. On field service, i.e. regarding quick assessments of injuries ext.

6. Targets
Standardized screening programs in place for soft tissue structures and joints
1. Reduction in average injuries and recovery times
2. Statistics on all injuries
3. High level of Doctor, Coach, Player satisfaction
4. Database of contracts and outcomes
5. Stock records
6. Every week and end of season
7. Quality work in all aspects of profession
8. Enable coach to make quick decisions regarding replacements.

7. Attributes (preferred)
1. Interdependent
2. Proactive
3. Attention to detail
4. Self-motivated – challenge oneself by setting high targets for work deliverables regardless of the amount of supervision offered
5. Sound judgment – comfortable in ability and knowledge to make the right decision
6. Team player – work constructively within a team to bring out the best traits of all
7. Dynamic – enjoy a high level of change and diversity in workload
8. Excellent people manager, open to direction and collaborative work style and commitment to get the job done
9. Ability to challenge and debate issues of importance to the BBCo.
10. Ability to look at situations from an analytical point of view

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This Duty Sheet may be amended from time to time if and when the designation and assignment of the Employee is changed / amended by the Employer