Vodacom Bulls Babes

The Vodacom Bulls Babes Team for today!

Marguerite van der Merwe Cat Swart Carmen Olympia Mildenhall
Jasmon Miller Tsholo Pule Elsje Lourens
Kirsten Francis Felicia Mrwebi Sotira Petrou
Tarryn Heard Chanè Labuscagne
Raquel Lopo Caroline Nhlane



Date of Birth:

4 August

Place of Birth:


Favourite Superhero:

Captain Marvel


Freelance artist (dancing, singing, acting)

Favourite Type of Dance:

I love contemporary

Favourite Vodacom Bulls player:

Trevor Nyakane

Why do you love being a Vodacom Bulls Babe:

As fun as being a Vodacom Bulls Babe is, I love it because I am part of an incredible family. From the Babes to the players to the bosses, we are all part of one awesome team and it’s an honour to represent them.

Social Media:
IG: @cat_swart