Become a Part of the BBRU Family

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The Blue Bulls Rugby Union is a Non-Profit Organization and the custodians of rugby in the Pretoria and Limpopo Areas.  Amongst their duties are; Rugby Development, Transformation, Capacity Building, Club- and School Rugby and National Weeks only to name a few.  The BBRU celebrated its 75th existence year in 2013 and continue to be one of the most successful Rugby Unions in South Africa at 77 years of existence in 2015.  Working in rural and metropolitan areas, the BBRU is in need of assistance to sustain the game in all communities.

The BBRU is launching its “Become a Part of the BBRU Family” campaign in May 2015.  The title of the campaign is transparent.  “We feel that it is necessary for the Union, Corporate Businesses and the General Public to come together as family to keep the game flourishing; sustaining and improving the state of the sport in South Africa.  This is possible by emphasizing Capacity Building to ensure that all coaches and officials are trained to sustain the highest level of competency.”, Dr. Eugene Hare, CEO of the Blue Bulls Rugby Union. 

The goal of this campaign is to give businesses the opportunity to get involved by channelling their CSI funds, or any other support, to the Union for Rugby Development, Transformation and Capacity Building.  The BBRU has all the necessary documentation and certification to qualify as a B-BBEE service provider, which means businesses can channel funds to the Union for their own B-BBEE benefit and point rewards. 

“There is a great amount of talent amongst our youth, we predict that within the next five years we will start seeing brilliant black players coming through our ranks and into the Blue Bulls Company professional structures.  We could ensure this and even improve the amount of players if we have the necessary funds to do so.”  - Johan Schoeman, BBRU Department Game Development General Manager.

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May 07, 2015

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