Vodacom Bulls confirm Border as part of Super Rugby Family

Vodacom Bulls confirm Border as part of Super Rugby Family

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Last week the Vodacom Bulls proudly announced that we had entered into a partnership agreement with Boland and the Pumas Rugby Unions regarding the Bulls Super Rugby Franchise.

It gives us great pleasure to confirm that the Border Rugby Union is now also part of that agreement.

Barend van Graan, CEO of the Blue Bulls Company, reiterated on his sentiments from last week’s announcement, “The Bulls are excited about the partnership, as we firmly believe that this strategic relationship will not only benefit the teams involved but will certainly enhance rugby in the various regions, ultimately strengthening the franchise and improving the Bulls performances in the long term.”

Monde Tabata, Administrator of the Border Rugby Union also expressed enthusiasm to take the relationship forward - “There are many talented players in Border and they need an aspirational guide, and I believe that the Vodacom Bulls could fulfill that role. The Bulls also have coaching capacity and skills available that will immensely assist the needs of Border. The strategy (blue print) must be a working relationship that will inspire the partners and deliver top rugby players for all concerned. The relationship must be seen to provide local boys with great opportunities to excel and reach new heights in their careers.”

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May 20, 2016

(4) Vodacom Bulls confirm Border as part of Super Rugby Family

  1. gravatar Paarlbul says:
    Wat uitstaan vir my in hierdie artikel:
    "The Bulls have coaching capacity and skills"
    As ek maar net dink aan onse CB coach! Eish
  2. gravatar Oom Koos says:
    Ware woorde Paarlbul.........ware woorde. Ek kan ook maar net sug as hy ter sprake kom. Wil egter nie meer so opgewerk word nie want dit is nie goed vir die bloeddruk nie.
  3. gravatar Cornelius says:
    Hierdie berig sê net een storie en dit is Transformasie. maar ons sal sien hoe lyk die pawiljoene
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