Which Bulls player has impressed the most this year?
Bakkies Botha
Victor Matfield
Bryan Habana
Pedrie Wannenburg
Derick Hougaard
Wynand Olivier

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Vodacom Cup
May 2006
13Eagles24 - 43Vodacom CheetahsPacaltsdorp
13Fidentia Boland Cavaliers14 - 12Vodacom Western ProvinceNewlands Stadium
13Wildeklawer Griquas34 - 14Impala LeopardsABSA Park
12Medicover Valke68 - 18Border BulldogsBosman Stadium
12Mighty Elephants12 - 34LionsEPRU Stadium
12Griffons0 - 0WildebeestNorth West Stadium
6Lions29 - 49WildebeestEllis Park
6Impala Leopards29 - 28GriffonsOlėn Park
6Wildeklawer Griquas17 - 25Vodacom Blue BullsABSA Park
5Medicover Valke48 - 3Mighty ElephantsBosman Stadium
5@lantic Pumas53 - 8Eagles@lantic Park
5Border Bulldogs50 - 47Fidentia Boland CavaliersABSA Stadium
5Vodacom Cheetahs13 - 23Vodacom Western ProvinceVodacom Park
April 2006
29Vodacom Blue Bulls45 - 35Vodacom Western ProvinceLoftus VersfeldReport
28Mighty Elephants20 - 71WildebeestEPRU Stadium
28Wildeklawer Griquas49 - 15EaglesABSA Park
28Medicover Valke29 - 36Fidentia Boland CavaliersBosman Stadium
28Border Bulldogs46 - 35Impala LeopardsABSA Stadium
28Lions17 - 42Vodacom CheetahsEllis Park
27@lantic Pumas37 - 27Griffons@lantic Park
22Fidentia Boland Cavaliers9 - 11WildebeestBoland Stadium
22Eagles15 - 70Vodacom Western ProvinceOuteniqua Park
22Vodacom Blue Bulls8 - 31LionsLoftus Versfeld
21Mighty Elephants31 - 42Vodacom CheetahsEPRU Stadium
21Impala Leopards23 - 30Medicover ValkeOlėn Park
21Wildeklawer Griquas41 - 6GriffonsABSA Park
21@lantic Pumas46 - 7Border Bulldogs@lantic Park
15@lantic Pumas41 - 44Medicover ValkeEllis Park
15Eagles22 - 27LionsOuteniqua Park
13Mighty Elephants22 - 43Vodacom Blue BullsEPRU Stadium
13Border Bulldogs20 - 27Wildeklawer GriquasABSA Stadium
13Impala Leopards16 - 38WildebeestOlėn Park
13Fidentia Boland Cavaliers20 - 34Vodacom CheetahsBoland Stadium
12Griffons21 - 43Vodacom Western ProvinceNorth West Stadium
8Impala Leopards35 - 28Vodacom Western ProvinceVryburg
8Griffons25 - 41Vodacom CheetahsNorth West Stadium
8Fidentia Boland Cavaliers18 - 27LionsBoland Stadium
7Eagles18 - 21Vodacom Blue BullsOuteniqua Park
7Wildeklawer Griquas19 - 15@lantic PumasABSA Park
7Border Bulldogs8 - 49WildebeestABSA Stadium
1Fidentia Boland Cavaliers39 - 25Impala LeopardsBoland Stadium
1Medicover Valke29 - 50Vodacom Blue BullsBosman Stadium
1Eagles37 - 29Border BulldogsGreenhaven Sports Stadium, Groot Brak
1Wildebeest51 - 14Vodacom CheetahsThe ABSA Stadium
March 2006
31Mighty Elephants9 - 15@lantic PumasEPRU Stadium
31Wildeklawer Griquas24 - 24LionsABSA Park
25Impala Leopards48 - 17Vodacom CheetahsOlėn Park
25Griffons32 - 51LionsNorth West Stadium
25Fidentia Boland Cavaliers38 - 35Vodacom Blue BullsBoland StadiumReport
25@lantic Pumas13 - 26Wildebeest@lantic Park
25Medicover Valke33 - 6Wildeklawer GriquasBosman Stadium
25Eagles36 - 43Mighty ElephantsOuteniqua Park
24Border Bulldogs9 - 18Vodacom Western ProvinceABSA Stadium
18Mighty Elephants16 - 31Fidentia Boland CavaliersWJ de Wet Stadium
18Medicover Valke34 - 31WildebeestBosman Stadium
18Griffons6 - 30Vodacom Blue BullsNorth West Stadium
17@lantic Pumas14 - 15Vodacom Western Province@lantic Park
17Impala Leopards15 - 14LionsOlėn Park
17Border Bulldogs14 - 20Vodacom CheetahsABSA Stadium
11Griffons34 - 38Mighty ElephantsNorth West Stadium
11Fidentia Boland Cavaliers76 - 22EaglesBoland Stadium
11Wildeklawer Griquas22 - 40WildebeestABSA Park
10Border Bulldogs13 - 15LionsABSA Stadium
10Impala Leopards19 - 17Vodacom Blue BullsOlėn Park
10Medicover Valke21 - 27Vodacom Western ProvinceBosman Stadium
10@lantic Pumas15 - 17Vodacom Cheetahs@lantic Park
4@lantic Pumas12 - 21Vodacom Blue Bulls@lantic Park
4Impala Leopards49 - 28EaglesOlėn Park
4Vodacom Western Province19 - 51WildebeestNewlands Stadium
3Medicover Valke7 - 6LionsBosman Stadium
3Border Bulldogs17 - 7Mighty ElephantsABSA Stadium
3Wildeklawer Griquas38 - 38Vodacom CheetahsABSA Park
3Griffons20 - 10Fidentia Boland CavaliersNorth West Stadium
February 2006
25Eagles23 - 33GriffonsOuteniqua Park
24Mighty Elephants32 - 33Impala LeopardsEPRU Stadium
24Medicover Valke26 - 15Vodacom CheetahsBosman Stadium
24@lantic Pumas35 - 29Lions@lantic Park
24Border Bulldogs21 - 39Vodacom Blue BullsABSA Stadium
24Wildeklawer Griquas42 - 48Vodacom Western ProvinceABSA Park
18Vodacom Western Province20 - 24LionsNewlands Stadium
18Griffons60 - 10Border BulldogsNorth West Stadium
18Eagles6 - 38Medicover ValkeOuteniqua Park
18Wildebeest22 - 13Vodacom Blue BullsThe ABSA Stadium
17Mighty Elephants31 - 36Wildeklawer GriquasEPRU Stadium
17Fidentia Boland Cavaliers17 - 31@lantic PumasBoland Stadium
11Griffons22 - 28Medicover ValkeNorth West Stadium
11Fidentia Boland Cavaliers40 - 19Wildeklawer GriquasBoland Stadium
11Eagles9 - 51WildebeestOuteniqua Park
11Impala Leopards25 - 44@lantic PumasOlėn Park
10Mighty Elephants26 - 17Vodacom Western ProvinceEPRU Stadium
10Vodacom Cheetahs8 - 36Vodacom Blue BullsVodacom Park

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Venue: Christchurch
Date: 20 May Time: 09:35
Full fixtures

Vodacom Bulls1338
Vodacom Cheetahs1327
Vodacom Stormers1323
Western Force1312
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13 May
Stormers 10 - 43 Bulls
Cheetahs 28 - 23 Cats
Waratahs 14 - 19 Hurricanes
Blues 9 - 30 Chiefs
12 May
Sharks 41 - 25 Force
Reds 22 - 16 Highlanders
Full results

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