What do you think will the result be in Saturday's Absa Currie Cup match between the Vodacom Blue Bulls and the Vodacom Cheetahs at Loftus Versfeld?
Bulls by more than eight points.
Bulls by between one and seven points.
Cheetahs by between one and seven points.
Cheetahs by more than eight points.

ABSA Currie Cup Premier Division
September 2006
23Lions42 - 36Vodacom Western ProvinceEllis Park
23Wildeklawer Griquas22 - 60Vodacom Blue BullsABSA Park
23Vodacom Free State Cheetahs37 - 35The SharksVodacom Park
22Medicover Valke64 - 41@lantic PumasBosman Stadium
16The Sharks32 - 50Vodacom Blue BullsThe Absa Stadium DurbanReport
16Vodacom Western Province66 - 13Medicover ValkeNewlands
16Lions34 - 32Wildeklawer GriquasEllis Park
15@lantic Pumas12 - 68Vodacom Free State Cheetahs@lantic Park
8Vodacom Free State Cheetahs28 - 13Vodacom Western ProvinceVodacom Park
8Vodacom Blue Bulls66 - 3@lantic PumasLoftus Versfeld
8The Sharks60 - 8Wildeklawer GriquasThe Absa Stadium Durban
8Medicover Valke17 - 32LionsBosman Stadium
2Wildeklawer Griquas36 - 27Medicover ValkeABSA Park
1Vodacom Western Province23 - 12Vodacom Blue BullsNewlands
1Lions39 - 28Vodacom Free State CheetahsEllis Park
1@lantic Pumas14 - 82The Sharks@lantic Park
August 2006
26Vodacom Free State Cheetahs78 - 8Medicover ValkeVodacom Park
25The Sharks16 - 6Vodacom Western ProvinceThe Absa Stadium Durban
25@lantic Pumas27 - 60Wildeklawer Griquas@lantic Park
19Lions22 - 21The SharksEllis Park
19Vodacom Western Province43 - 10@lantic PumasNewlands
19Wildeklawer Griquas20 - 31Vodacom Free State CheetahsABSA Park
18Medicover Valke13 - 27Vodacom Blue BullsBosman Stadium
12Vodacom Blue Bulls17 - 19LionsLoftus Versfeld
5Vodacom Free State Cheetahs12 - 24Vodacom Blue BullsVodacom Park
5Lions74 - 15@lantic PumasEllis Park
5Wildeklawer Griquas23 - 27Vodacom Western ProvinceABSA Park
4Medicover Valke17 - 46The SharksBosman Stadium
July 2006
29The Sharks19 - 31Vodacom Free State CheetahsThe Absa Stadium Durban
29Vodacom Blue Bulls39 - 20Wildeklawer GriquasLoftus Versfeld
29Vodacom Western Province30 - 28LionsNewlands
28@lantic Pumas8 - 36Medicover Valke@lantic Park
22Vodacom Free State Cheetahs42 - 27@lantic PumasVodacom Park
22Wildeklawer Griquas27 - 23LionsABSA Park
21Vodacom Blue Bulls28 - 37The SharksLoftus Versfeld
21Medicover Valke31 - 40Vodacom Western ProvinceBosman Stadium
15Vodacom Western Province20 - 13Vodacom Free State CheetahsNewlands
15Wildeklawer Griquas23 - 22The SharksABSA Park
15@lantic Pumas17 - 48Vodacom Blue Bulls@lantic Park
14Lions32 - 19Medicover ValkeEllis Park
8Vodacom Blue Bulls10 - 15Vodacom Western ProvinceLoftus Versfeld
8Medicover Valke23 - 8Wildeklawer GriquasBosman Stadium
8Vodacom Free State Cheetahs59 - 5LionsVodacom Park
7The Sharks34 - 16@lantic PumasThe Absa Stadium Durban
1Lions24 - 39Vodacom Blue BullsEllis Park
1Wildeklawer Griquas60 - 26@lantic PumasABSA Park
1Vodacom Western Province25 - 28The SharksNewlands
June 2006
30Medicover Valke9 - 66Vodacom Free State CheetahsBosman Stadium
24Vodacom Free State Cheetahs55 - 14Wildeklawer GriquasVodacom Park
23The Sharks33 - 22LionsThe Absa Stadium Durban
23Vodacom Blue Bulls18 - 16Medicover ValkeLoftus Versfeld
23@lantic Pumas18 - 25Vodacom Western Province@lantic Park

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Venue: Loftus Versfeld
Date: 30 September Time: 17:00
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Vodacom Free State Cheetahs1349
Vodacom Blue Bulls1345
Vodacom Western Province1344
The Sharks1343
Wildeklawer Griquas1325
Medicover Valke1317
@lantic Pumas134
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23 September
Lions 42 - 36 Western Province
Cheetahs 37 - 35 The Sharks
Griquas 22 - 60 Blue Bulls
22 September
Valke 64 - 41 Pumas
16 September
The Sharks 32 - 50 Blue Bulls
Western Province 66 - 13 Valke
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