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MoM Rating  Player
Anton Leonard
Danie van Schalkwyk
Deon de Kock
Eugene Meyer
Jaco Espag
Jaco van der Westhuyzen
Jannie Brooks
Jannie de Beer
Johan Human
Krynauw Otto
Naka Drotske
Os du Randt
Paul Treu
Piet Joubert
Ruben Kruger
Schutte Bekker
Sias Wagner
Wium Basson

Have your say by voting for the Bulls players. Give each player a rating from 1-10 based on their performance in the latest game and nominate your man of the match by clicking on the radio button next to his name.

After submitting your vote you will be able to see what other fans have thought about all the players and who is the undisputed fan's choice for man of the match.

0 No Rating
1 Desperate times - free consultation with Os Du Randt's hair stylist
2 Will have to spend the week with the Koffie en Beskuitbroers
3 Thought you were going to be a rugby megastar? Dream on ...
4 Made the mistake of listening to Naas and Darren's advice.
5 Too many unnecessary errors.
6 Nothing spectacular. Could've made more of a contribution.
7 Solid performance - most common score.
8 A classy display. Impressed the Springbok selectors.
9 Sensational. A worthy Man of the Match.
10 A once in a lifetime performance.